Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kieona's 1st milk tooth is out!

Just went to the dentist to help Kieona take out her 1st milk tooth that have become shaky recently.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kieona & Kierra Photo Shoot

Girls having their portfolio shoot at Impact.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kieona's Concert at DBS Auditorium

While the girls were waiting, Kieona was fascinating her friend with a princess dressup game on mummy's phone.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Girls enjoying their time at the shop

It's friday & it's the girl's gym day. After gym, if we are at the shop, I will bring them over for a few hours. They always enjoy their time around.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Piggies sleeping...zzz...

More napping photo...
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Napping in Shop

Kieona's taking a short nap on the sofa in the shop. Sunday is a long day for the girls starting with 9am music class for Kierra followed by chinese classes.
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Donut Factory Donuts @ shop

The girls just arrive @ the shop after their chinese classes at Toa Payoh. Mommy bought some yummy donuts from Donut Factory that just opened at Square 2. They each ate one & a half donuts. Yum!
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Girls blading away...

Yesterday we spent over an hour blading in the void deck. Kieona is quite ok now moving around by herself while Kierra is also quickly getting the hang of it. Point of note is that the new blades we got from Novena Sq makes learning easier for the kids.
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Monday, June 08, 2009

Kierra's Chickenpox Vaccination

Kierra just had her chickenpox vaccination. It isn't compulsory, but Kieona had taken it and we had put it off for the longest time so we let her go for her vaccination last Wednesday. Mommy picked both girls up without the helper and went along and did everything just as if there wasn't a helper around. It was a very short trip and pleasant one at that.

The lady doctor Dr Cheah wasn't around, so Dr Chuah did it for Kierra. Mommy actually asked that Dr Chuah keep out of the way of her legs, since she cried and kicked during the last jab. Guess what? She giggled through it. She just went "ouch, ouch!" and then it was over in a flash. She smiled and told me how brave she was.... and at the end of the day, she was rewarded with an ice-cream treat for making things so easy for everyone.

Kieona said, "Mei Mei is so brave, like Jie Jie. Never cry right?" Hmm.... :)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kierra's Portfolio Shot 2

We just had these portfolio pictures delivered. It was taken end of May. Like the flowers & hand crocheted hat? Check out with Baby Slings & Carriers.

Marina Barrage 3 May 2009

We decided to go to Marina Barrage since both Kieona and Kierra didn't have any Chinese class that Sunday. It was a spur of the moment outing so we didn't really find out a lot about the place before going and were therefore not very well-prepared. Such trips are fun, just because there are a lot of unplanned events that unfold.

Originally Kieona suggested going to Sentosa but since Daddy and Mommy dilly dallied, it was already getting late in the morning and the skies were not fantastic so we ended up telling her we'll go to the Marina Barrage instead. Well, at least there'll be shelter if it rained.

It turned out to be a big sunny day but the girls still had water fun at the water play area. Since we didn't expect that, we brought no towels nor change of clothes. Daddy looked at me when I allowed them to get in for some water fun. Well, it's just one of those times that Mommy thought we can sometimes relax and just let kids be kids.

Kieona & Kierra did have fun, and we had more fun looking at their outfits after their water play. View more photos at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=86576&id=704853732&l=44cacbf7ea

The barrage
Listening attentively to the guide
What a nice displayGirls having impromptu water fun
Stopping the water from gushing out

Uncle Damian's Wedding

The girls were supposed to be the flower girls at Uncle Damian's wedding on 25 April. We were all pretty excited and woke up early that day. Mommy dolled the girls up early in the morning and had painted their nails the night before.

We got there punctually but alas, we were the only ones there. It was quite frantic and Daddy & Mommy ended up having to liaise quite a bit with the other helpers since it was a huge confusion and there was not one person who had a good overview. The church didn't allow the aircon turned on and Daddy had to keep asking them to, since it really was so hot we kept perspiring. Thank goodness the guy who headed the team of carpark ushers was also there and was able to manage the carpark side quite well, so Daddy just had to oversee the church side.

Mommy tried to get all three flower girls ready and everything was managed without too much hassle. The church wedding went fine, except that my dear Kieona suddenly got too overwhelmed and there was some hiccups during the march-in.

The reception turned out to be quite a long wait for the guests though, and Daddy really had to see to quite a lot of things and Mommy tried to talk to the relatives, who were getting a little frustrated with waiting in the heat. Mommy was just a little shocked that in the end I had to coordinate with the staff on the tea ceremony. Thank goodness though everything went pretty much alright and we did try our best to fill whatever loopholes there were to fill. Good thing too that the guest list wasn't overwhelming. Ahh, in the end we were just glad that it was all over and Uncle Damian was happily married.
Kieona looking lovelyPinning on the garland
Waiting for the march in
Kieona & Kierra with Ah Gong, Gu Gu & Mommy
Our happy family

Progress at the Gym

Kieona has upgraded to the Beginners class at gym, so now she does more drills and it looks hectic. She loves the new challenges though. Although many of the drills are still new to her, she does try very hard. She even has a buddy in her gym class called Barbara, who's probably a year or two older and was always looking out for her.

Mommy was initially worried Kierra couldn't cope without Jie Jie in class, but she turned out fine except during the first few classes where she insisted on joining Kieona's class.

Kieona waiting for the coach's attention
Kierra walking backwards in a straight line
Doing the handstand
Table stand, her favorite at the moment

Huge Dragonfly's Visit

This huge dragonfly came by and stuck around our home for two days in April. We wondered why it came in, but it did stay for two days and was getting weaker. Mommy got Bibik to chase it out, since there probably wasn't food for it to survive. But it was huge, about 15-20cm long. I am not kidding. The kids were fascinated though, but Bibik warned that the large dragonflies may bite, so we pretty much left it alone until the kids were out and we chased it out when we could still see it around the house.

Mommy's Birthday

Cannot believe that Mommy turned 33yrs old about two months ago. It was a day off for myself and we did go out for dinner with Wai Gong, Wai Po and Yee Yee's family. So I had 3 kids celebrating my birthday with me. What more could I have asked for?
Us with Wai Gong & Wai Po - Daddy was taking the picture
All eager to eat the cake
The cake, close-up
Everyone in the rare get-together